2019 NEW Toppa Chopp
2019 NEW Toppa Chopp
2019 NEW Toppa Chopp
2019 NEW Toppa Chopp
2019 NEW Toppa Chopp
2019 NEW Toppa Chopp

2019 NEW Toppa Chopp

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  • Splutters¬†across water
  • Brings out fish wild DNA
  • Effective at all speeds¬†
  • Armed with razor sharp hooks

Searching for a lure to catch the most scared fish? The 2019 New version Toppa Chopp is the perfect lure for your tackle box.

Packed with a soft tail T rotating back side, this lure splutters on the surface and makes a plopping noise, grabbing the attention of difficult fish. 

It has a low centre of gravity as a result of a lead counter weight, allowing the Toppa Choppa cast further and swim straighter. 

Stutter, stop or accelerate your retrieve to achieve an even more unpredictable action.

Equipped with super sharp hooks, 3D eyes and paintwork, the lethal Toppa Chopp is unlike any top water lures available in the market.


  • Weight¬†- 17g¬†
  • Quality hooks¬†- 2 x Strong Treble Hooks
  • Length¬†- 120mm¬†
  • Colours¬†- Stripey/Yellow/Green/Gold/Blue/Acqua

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