BL's Mouse Lure
BL's Mouse Lure
BL's Mouse Lure
BL's Mouse Lure
BL's Mouse Lure
BL's Mouse Lure
BL's Mouse Lure

BL's Mouse Lure

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  • Swims like a real mouse
  • Catches pike, bass, zander, musky and more
  • Use in all waters

The BL's Mouse Lure is the perfect rat imitation. The 3D designed 2 sectional body will fool even the most cautious predatory fish. 

It's a super lure for fishermen who want to catch Pike, Bass, Musky and big brutal Catfish!

The BL's Mouse lure produces an S type action, ensuring brutal attacks and fishing excitement all day. The lure's wide tongue produces small waves when swimming getting the attention of all fish.

With a hard strong ABS plastic body, BL's Mouse lure will withstand bite after bite. 

Attach the lure just under the nose and it will dive down and swim super realistic under the surface – make a spinstop and the lure will pop straight up to the top, with it's high buoyancy – a brilliant way to really provoke crazy strikes.

The BL's Mouse lure can be fished thru weedy and snaggy areas with a stinger and treble hook clipped on the back.

The tail is reinforced with a braid core. The BL's Mouse Lure includes an extra tail. 


Type: Artificial Fishing Bait
Shape: Rat
Color: Black/White/Grey/Brown (Optional)
Material: ABS plastic body and carbon steel hook, sharp, firm and durable
Size: 85mm
Weight : 17grams
Sections: 2
Position: Lake, Ocean Beach Fishing, Ocean Boat Fishing, Ocean Rock Fishing, River, Stream

Superb lure for Pike, Bass, Musky and big brutal Catfish! 
Superior 3D details and realism
2 action styles: Top water wake & diving swimming
Rat Shape
Belly landing balanced
Reinforced tail

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