Special Offer 3 Pack Of Bass Crusher Swimbaits

Special Offer 3 Pack Of Bass Crusher Swimbaits

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Some Call it Cheating, We Call It A Competitive Edge


Get hooked on the realistic swimming action of the Mini-ZOT3 Our FishingFriend minnow Swimbaits are loaded with high-quality components for top performance in the water, all topped off by a premium finish for baiting realism that can't be beat.  The small ball bearings inside give off a rattle sound that will have all the bass fighting to get at it. Unique fin-style and tail create a lifelike look, feel, and action. Better hold on tight!

  • 3D eyes make it a powerful fishing tool
  • Flexible swimming action, vivid sound and rich color
  • Replicates the color and movement of a real fish 
  • Topped off with a premium finish
  • Loaded with high quality features
  • Steel balls encased to give a bopping sound to attract fish