Frogga Toppa Pro 90
Frogga Toppa Pro 90
Frogga Toppa Pro 90
Frogga Toppa Pro 90
Frogga Toppa Pro 90
Frogga Toppa Pro 90

Frogga Toppa Pro 90

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  • Splashes as it moves across water
  • Gets big fish attention
  • Effective at all speeds 
  • Lifelike swimming action

Looking for a lethal option for provoking topwater strikes?

The Frogga Toppa Pro 90 is the perfect topwater lure to catch pike, muskie, carp, bass, and other easily spooked fish.

It features a stick-bait front and a revolutionary rotating back. As it glides over the water, it creates a splutter which will get maximum attention. 

Whether you crawl it super-slow along weed lines, burn it over miles of a wind-blown bank, or employ slight twitches to generate an attention-grabbing splash, the Frogga Toppa Pro™ 90 gets bit.

With a steel ball built inside, the Frogga Toppa Pro™ 90 casts like a bullet. Best of all it's incredibly effective at any speed, making it a great tool for honing in on the most productive speed and rhythm for that particular day.

Armed with razor-sharp treble hooks, 3D eyes, and magnificent colouring, the Frogga Toppa Pro™ 90 will be your favourite lure in no time.


  • Weight - 11g 
  • Quality hooks - 2 x Strong Treble Hooks
  • Length - 90mm 
  • Color - Green/Orange/Blue/Red/Yellow

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