Jumbo Soft Bait
Jumbo Soft Bait
Jumbo Soft Bait
Jumbo Soft Bait
Jumbo Soft Bait
Jumbo Soft Bait
Jumbo Soft Bait
Jumbo Soft Bait
Jumbo Soft Bait

Jumbo Soft Bait

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  • The unpredictable movements gets fish attention

  • Catch Pike, Perch, Bass, Trout, Zander and other predatory fish

Catch more fish with Jumbo Soft Bait™!

The Jumbo Soft Bait™ is the perfect bait for catching bass, trout, walleye, pike, perch and more. 

The Jumbo™ is designed to create unpredictable movements in the water that fish cannot ignore. With its unique mounting system, the Jumbo mimics a dying baitfish with a twitch of your rod. 

How to Assemble Toro Soft Bait™

Simply thread your fishing line through the Jumbo soft bait and attach it to a weightless hook, jig head or small weighted hook. You can even rig it as a Dropshot, Carolina, Texas or with an extra wide splitting hook.

The Jumbo is soft and flexible for maximum action and at the same time robust to stand up to strong, predatory fish.

The magnetic colors and 3D eyes make the Jumbo a deadly lure that can be used in both deep and shallow water.


  • Content/Pack : 5 pcs.
  • Weight  : 6g
  • Length  :  10 cm 


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