Leather Anti-Slip Breathable Fishing Gloves

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Why you should definitely have a good pair of fishing gloves!

1. Protection from Sunburn, cold, wind

2. Protection when grabbing/releasing the fish (if you don't catch much fish a day it probably won't make much difference, but if you land like 20 fish a day, and some very spiky ones like Spinefoot, this make a noticeable difference)

3. Protection from the environment

4. After I finished striking a fish, if I missed, I normally retrieve my line to my waist's level and just grab the line, pull up my rod so the hook gets right at my hand. If I wear a fishing glove, the hook would stop nicely at the glove, if not, I risk the chance of having the hook piercing my hand/finger...

5. Easier to move my fingers

6. You protect the fish if you are practicing Catch and Release

7. Easier to grasp your rod firmly

7. And lastly, it looks GOOD! You look COOL and much more professional

Brand: SeaKnight
Model: Fishing Gloves SK03
Size: L, XL, XXL
Palm Width: L 8.5-9.5cm
Palm Width: XL 9-10cm
Palm Width: XXL 9.5-10.5cm
Gloves Weight: about 43-60g
2 Colors: Black, Red
Material: Neoprene cloth and PU leather
Features: Slip-resistant, Durable, Anti-cut, Breathable
Package List:
1 Pair * Fishing Gloves

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