TuffNut's Rod Carrier Strap
TuffNut's Rod Carrier Strap
TuffNut's Rod Carrier Strap

TuffNut's Rod Carrier Strap

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  • Transport and protect your fishing rods with ease
  • Prevent your rods from being tangled and broken
  • Have your rods rigged up saving you time
  • Compact forĀ simpleĀ storage
  • Easy to set upĀ 

Tired of damaging your rods when you go fishing? Need a smarter way to transport your rods?

Tuffnut's Fishing Rod Carrier Strap is the perfect way to transportĀ rods and reels.Ā 

The straps ensure your rods and linesĀ will never tangleĀ giving you more time to fish!

Best of all, once your rods are fastened with Tuffnut's straps, they will be secure and protected. No more broken rods.Ā 

When youĀ rig up before your trip, you can be fishing as soon as you arrive at your location.Ā 

Tuffnut's strapsĀ are easy to set up. Just tie them to your car's door handle. That's it!

Transport up to 5 fishing rods at a time.

Tuffnut's straps are compact and can be stored in theĀ trunk.

Package includes:

2pcsĀ Tuffnut's Fishing Strap

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