Ultimate Fishing Baits Bundle
Ultimate Fishing Baits Bundle
Ultimate Fishing Baits Bundle
Ultimate Fishing Baits Bundle

Ultimate Fishing Baits Bundle

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We have selected for you our best-performing baits in a bundle. You can not miss on that amazing deal. In the next 24 hours, you can get our 5 best-performing baits 50% Off only for $49,95 instead of $99.64. Shipping is Free worldwide. This is the ultimate baits pack and all that you need to catch any fish you want.

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1. Fishing Friend Arrow Sinking Bait - $18.88 regular price.

Perfect for targeting the top portion of the water column, the Fishing Friend Arrow Sinking Bait delivers downsized performance that delivers big-time results. Whether it is twitched, jerked, paused, ripped, or burned, the Fishing Friend Arrow Sinking Bait features a coffin-shaped bill that generates an energetic darting action and plenty of side flash. Unmatched in detail and performance, the Fishing Friend Arrow Sinking Bait features lifelike color schemes and 3-D eyes that are simply a cut above. Backed by two razor-sharp treble hooks, the Fishing Friend Arrow Sinking Bait delivers an amazing performance.

2. River2Sea Whopper Plopper - $25.99 regular price.

River2Sea Whopper Plopper delivers a sputtering topwater disruption that is begging to be crushed. Whether you crawl it super slow, so you can't even hear the tail, just the tiny glass beads sizzling inside its body, or you speed it up so it throws water like a swamp buggy with the same deep, hollow whopper-plopping-fish-catching sound as the original, the Whopper Plopper gets bit. It still casts a mile, and its ability to work at the widest possible range of speeds makes it a great tool for honing in on the most productive speeds and rhythms for that particular day.

3. Double Cross Weedless Frog - $18.95 regular price.

If you like frog fishing, the Double Cross Weedless Frog has you covered for anything from open water to heavy vegetation. Crafted with a classic hollow body design, the Double Cross Weedless Frog will never sink, no matter what you throw it into. Featuring a heavy-duty double frog hook, the Double Cross Weedless Frog is made to pull big fish out of the thickest cover.Ê It is also extremely weedless so that you can be confident throwing your frog into weeds, lily pads, tulles, heavy mats, and under docks.

4. F&S Penetrator Jig - $15.85 regular price.

F&S Penetrator Jig features premium components, including a super strong Mustad Ultra Point Hook. Designed to do exactly what the name states, the Penetrator's specially designed head, complete with its durable finish, is made to penetrate thick cover and get where the giants live. Rattles provide additional fish attraction and help fish find the Penetrator in murky waters, and premium Living Image skirts offer additional realism and lifelike movement.

5. Fishing Friend Sinking Vibration - $19.97 regular price.

Versatile and deadly, the Fishing Friend Sinking Vibration has a look, sound, and performance that sets it apart from every other lipless crankbait on the market. Built with a super-thin profile, the Fishing Friend Sinking Vibration Lipless Crankbait employs stainless steel ball bearings for increased weight and a unique sound. On a straight retrieve, the heavier profile of the Fishing Friend Sinking Vibration Lipless Crankbait produces a tight shimmy that tracks true at any speed - even blistering fast. When it is ripped or hopped off of the bottom, the increased weight offers a quick rate of fall that is perfect for aggressive jigging.

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